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When I asked for an editor to proofread my very first book, Simene’ quickly responded.  Let me say, I asked for an editor but she delivered so much.  I don't think I could ever thank her enough for how careful and helpful she has been during this process.  In the end, she celebrated and congratulated me on the successful launch of my book. Now that's support! I will be using her services again and I highly recommend her to anyone whether you're a novice or not. Simene’ is awesome.


Veronica Burnett, Maryland, USA

Women With Big Hats Attendee

Prince George's County Schools
Summer Institute Attendee

Sonya Barnes Speaking
About Books & Branding Event

Northwest A Ministry Sharing 
Gratitude for Simene' Sharing With Their Youth


Dr. Cheryl Wood Speaking
About Simene' Walden's Speaking Ability

Former Administrator Sharing 
The Impact of Heart of a Teacher Symposium

Simene' Speaking Virtually
To Bethune Cookman Success Coaches 

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