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Simene’ helps to establish and maintain a positive professional working relationships with school leaders, principals, assistant principals, colleagues, students, and families. Her presentations and workshops are targeted to increase retention rate among staff, improve attendance and behavior among students, and boost the culture and morale of schools and organizations.

Simene' is compassionate about dismantling the school to prison pipeline and speaking to youth about gang prevention as her best friend and tatted author died in Duke Medical Center awaiting his compassionate release from Federal Prison on January 3, 2022.

Simene' is a Top Youth Speaker, Trauma Informed Educator trained in Adverse Childhood Experiences, and a Certified Youth Mental Health First Aider from The National Council for Mental Well Being.

Simene' is a Social Emotional Learning Specialist and speak to at promise youth about overcoming adversity, gang prevention, and making good choices in spite of up their bringing or trauma. 


Simene' has provided platforms to others that has allowed over 300 women and men to speak and share their message of life and encouragement. Simene' helps new and novice speakers to cultivate their stories after years of being silent and she can assist you with publishing your story either through written or verbal communication.

Simene' speaks to change lives and the same transformation that she saw inside the classroom is the transformation she now sees outside of the classroom.

TEXT OVERCOME  1-202-410-4202 To Be Added To Simene's VIP List For Exclusive Announcements, Offers, and Events.

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