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Simene’ Walden


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Some of Simene's Past Engagements


Simene' Walden became a motivational speaker by default teaching, but expanded her speaking outside of the classroom 10 years ago. Simene' became a Certified Vocalizer Speaker under the leadership of Dr. Cheryl Wood in 2020.

Simene' also became a Next Level Speaker under the leadership of The Jeremy Anderson Group in 2021.

Simene' is a God-fearing woman and a minister of the Good News.


Simene' was a Distinguished Middle School English & Language Arts Teacher for 16 years. Simene' provided an excellent education to students in underserved urban and rural communities. Simene’ has a strong and undying commitment to students labeled “At Risk” but are “At Promise” by increasing equitable achievement outcomes using progressive strategies and evidence-based systems for measurement and dismantling the school to prison pipeline in real time. 


By definition, a publisher is a person or company that prepares and issues books, journals, music, or other works for sale. While I do that, it is so much to working with me on your written work. I don't just help you tell your story, I help you carry your story. I have assisted over 200 women and a few distinguised gentleman with sharing their stories verbally after years of being silent. I have assisted over 30 satisfied clients on publishing their books, journals, children books, memoirs, and autobiographies. 

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Who Am I?

Simene’ was raised by her mother with her two older brothers in a rural town called Conway, North Carolina. She was a seemingly good child but had her moments of mischievous behavior. She did well in school because she believed an education was her key to success; plus her “momma” didn’t play.

Along the way, she had some challenges that proved to be stumbling blocks to purpose. Friendships were tested, physical violations occurred, intimate partner violence took place all while trying to finish a bachelor’s degree that took her five years to complete. She happened to land a job as a teacher and there she discovered what she was called to do. Simene’ went on to obtain her Master’s Degree ten years later.

Partial Client List

  • Palm Beach State College-Lake Worth

  • Bethune Cookman University

  • Delta Research and Educational Foundation

  • House of Ruth

  • 100 Black Men of America, Inc.

  • The Maryland Assessment Group

  • Black Educators Rock

  • Teacher Self Care Conference

  • Business Men and Women of Color

  • Prince George’s County Schools Summer Institute

  • Bright Beginnings

  • Chelsea High School, Chelsea MA

  • RD and Euzelle Smith Middle School, Chapel Hill, NC


  • Social Emotional Learning

  • Professional Developments

  • Group Trainings & School Assemblies

  • Course & Curriculum Development

  • Book Coaching & Publishing 

  • Text Editing 

  • Braille Transcription 

  • Speech & Storytelling Assistance 

  • Testimonial Creation & Cultivation 

  • Individual and Group Mentoring

  • Community Outreach

Media Features

  • Good Morning Washington

  • NBC WFMJ 21

  • ABC 7

  • NBC WRDE Coast TV

  • Daily Herald

  • FOX 40

  • CBS 2 KUTV

  • NBC WRAL 5

  • Glambitious Brand

  • Roanoke Chowan News Hearld

  • Dr. Essie Speaks

  • I AM DR. Sharon Show

  • Unity Gospel

  • 108 Praiser Radio

  • Good Deeds Media Network

  • Joy Nook Network

  • Topeka Magazine

  • Voyage ATL, Dallas, & LA


Live & Virtual Keynotes
Breakout Sessions


  • Social Emotional Learning

  • Novice Leadership

  • Relationship Building & Sustainment

  • Educational Boundaries & Self Care

  • Trauma Informed Practice

  • The Art of Transparency, Listening, & Storytelling

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