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Simene' Walden became a motivational speaker by default teaching, but expanded her speaking outside of the classroom 10 years ago. Simene' became a Certified Vocalizer Speaker under the leadership of Dr. Cheryl Wood in 2020. Simene' also became a Next Level Speaker under the leadership of The Jeremy Anderson Group in 2021. Simene' is a God-fearing woman and a minister of the Good News.


Simene' was a Distinguished Middle School English & Language Arts Teacher for 16 years. Simene' provided an excellent education to students in underserved urban and rural communities. Simene’ has a strong and undying commitment to students labeled “At Risk” but are “At Promise” by increasing equitable achievement outcomes using progressive strategies and evidence-based systems for measurement and dismantling the school to prison pipeline in real time. 


By definition, a publisher is a person or company that prepares and issues books, journals, music, or other works for sale. While I do that, it is so much to working with me on your written work. I don't just help you tell your story, I help you carry your story. I have assisted over 200 women and a few distinguised gentleman with sharing their stories verbally after years of being silent. I have assisted over 30 satisfied clients on publishing their books, journals, children books, memoirs, and autobiographies.