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Past Engagements
Simene' Walden
Who Am I?

Simene’ Walden, also known as The Student Teacher, is an Educator, Speaker, Author, & Chief Operating Officer of Pretty Healed Enterprises, LLC. Simene’ is a 2024 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient. She has been recognized as a distinguished educator for 18+ years providing an excellent education to students in underserved urban and rural communities in the discipline of English Language Arts.

Simene’ keynote presentations include Social Emotional Learning Focusing On Healthy Relationships, Building Champion Readers & Leaders, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and Helping & Healing Our Youth In Crisis. Simene’ helps to establish and maintain positive professional working relationships with school leaders, principals, assistant principals, colleagues, students, and families.


Simene’ is trained in Adverse Childhood Experiences and a Certified Youth Mental Health First Aider from The National Council for Mental Well Being.

Simene’ delivers dynamic, heart wrenching, and thought provoking keynote presentations, workshops, professional developments, assemblies, and masterminds for small groups, whole groups, schools, organizations, churches, and individuals based on need and dynamics.

Partial Client List

  • Palm Beach State College-Lake Worth

  • Bethune Cookman University

  • Delta Research and Educational Foundation

  • House of Ruth

  • 100 Black Men of America, Inc.

  • The Maryland Assessment Group

  • Black Educators Rock

  • Teacher Self Care Conference

  • Business Men and Women of Color

  • Prince George’s County Schools Summer Institute

  • Bright Beginnings

  • Chelsea High School, Chelsea MA

  • RD and Euzelle Smith Middle School, Chapel Hill, NC

  • ArchBishop Curley High School

  • Activ8 STEM Academy

  • I.W. Taylor Virtual

  • Bearfield Primary School


  • Social Emotional Learning

  • Character Education Training & Curriculum

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences Workshops

  • Professional Developments

  • Group Trainings & School Assemblies

  • Course & Curriculum Development

  • Book Coaching, Publishing, & Text Editing

  • Speech & Storytelling Assistance 

  • Individual and Group Mentoring

  • Community Outreach

Media Features

  • Good Morning Washington

  • NBC WFMJ 21

  • ABC 7

  • NBC WRDE Coast TV

  • Daily Herald

  • FOX 40

  • CBS 2 KUTV

  • NBC WRAL 5

  • Glambitious Brand

  • Roanoke Chowan News Hearld

  • Dr. Essie Speaks

  • I AM DR. Sharon Show

  • Unity Gospel

  • 108 Praiser Radio

  • Good Deeds Media Network

  • Joy Nook Network

  • Topeka Magazine

  • Voyage ATL, Dallas, & LA


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Social Emotional

Our program equips students with the tools to understand and manage their emotions effectively. By fostering emotional intelligence, we empower young individuals to navigate challenges, build resilience, make wise decisions, and cultivate healthier relationships.


In doing so, attendance rates increase, behavioral challenges decrease, school climate and morale improves, while academic success, engagement, and mastery improves.

Developing Champion Readers

Empowering our youth, especially our black and brown males with the tools to become literate, plays a vital role in decreasing behavior problems within schools as well as dismantling the school to prison pipeline. 

We believe that reading is the gateway to endless possibilities. Our program ignites a love for reading by introducing students to captivating stories, sharing the joy of literature, and inspiring a lifelong passion for knowledge.

Mental Health Well Being & Adverse Childhood Experiences

We create a safe space for students to explore their emotions and develop a growth mindset. 

Through thought-provoking discussions and character development exercises, we instill values such as empathy, integrity, and respect. Students learn the importance of personal responsibility, leadership, and making wise choices in spite of the difficulties that may be surrounding them. Students are also able to explore bully prevention methods and bully self awareness.


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