Summer Reading Academy with The Student Teacher

Teaching Reading with the Word of God



The Word of God’s Lexile Level Is Off The Charts

This will be the most complex piece of text anyone can ever read.


Who is Simene’ Walden “The Student Teacher”?


  • Daughter of a King

  • Lover of God’s Word and Prayer

  • Licensed Reading Teacher in the States of North Carolina and Maryland

  • Holds a Master's Degree in Christian Studies with an Emphasis on Youth Ministry

  • Has over twelve years of middle school teaching experience


What will this summer reading program do for you child?


  • Increase their desire for God (He will do that; Not me)

  • Increase their vocabulary

  • Teach them to write affirmations to speak over their lives

  • Increase their reading ability and comprehension

  • Identify theme, main idea, and supporting details

  • Help students analyze text and summarize accurately

  • Teach students to write their own stories with different themes embedded

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.