Transformation Coach


I offer a coaching program for mothers and daughters to fortify their relationship and strengthen areas that are weak. There are three parts to the class that span over a three month period. 

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I teach group and individual sessions on how to write personalized affirmations and prayers. I write personalized affirmations and prayers. I write books and devotionals. I write for magazines and blogs, as well as create newsletters and infographics.


I host and conduct youth workshops, empowerment sessions, live events, and much more.



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I arrest my thoughts, ideas, and visions in order to produce articles, books, devotionals, and prayers for readers to enjoy, learn, and duplicate.


I share resources, tools, and strategies to help you become the educator you desire and strive to be. I have over thirteen years of experience teaching in public schools.

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The Student Teacher Subscription

Prophetic Birthday Affirmations and Declarations

 Personalized gifts are the best gifts to give someone because it lets people know you have spent time and thought about what you could get them. What better way to celebrate someone's life by gifting them some prophetic birthday affirmations and declarations? How about investing in yourself and receive words spoken by God that cannot be refuted and can not changed once they are spoken out. There is a role that we play, but when you hear the voice of the Lord speaking to your current situation and providing hope and a way out for a better tomorrow and a better future, who wouldn’t want to pursue that.