Simene' Walden

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P.O. Box 813 Savage, MD 20763

A native of North Carolina, Simene’ Walden grew up in Northampton County, North Carolina where she attended Northampton County Public Schools. During the initial five years after graduating high school, she pursued her education at three different colleges only to find herself back where she started: Fayetteville State University. In 2004, Simené graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English & Literature from Fayetteville State University. Ten years later, she obtained her Masters of Arts degree in Christian Studies with an emphasis on Youth Ministry from Grand Canyon University.

Simene’ is a teacher, coach, writer, International Speaker and Trainer and an Amazon Best Selling Author. She believes in being teachable and remains in a posture of learning even from those one may not think has anything to offer. Simene’ believes that everyone has something to offer. Simené’s primary objective is to empower, educate, and equip others as she teaches them everything she has learned.

She is the Chief Operating Officer of The Student Teacher, where she is flooding the Educational System with God’s Words of prayer and practical principles for daily living. The Student Teacher helps overwhelmed, overworked, and burnout teachers reignite their passion for this now and next generation by teaching them how to have the heart of a teacher and not just the content and knowledge of one. The Student Teacher LLC helps new and novice authors craft their stories without losing their voice and compromising their faith. Simene’ is the author of seven self-published books and co-author of two book anthologies. She has done multiple book tours and hosted several events. The Student Teacher LLC will release the first self-published anthology with some amazing ladies early fall. Simene’ is also a Travel Agent who not only meets your travel needs, but excels them.